E-Cig Research Study – Roswell Park Cancer Institute

The speculation surrounding the electronic cigarette market in regards to how safe they are versus traditional cigarettes has been kicked around in the media and in politics for quite some time now. Now researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute was to document the truth as to whether e-cigs are completely safe or if they are just safer than their traditional alternatives. Continue reading

Los Angeles Real Estate Broker Trashes His Cigarettes

la-hp-ecig-debate-growing-rapidly-20130706Los Angeles Times Amber Dance reports today how Darrin Gold, a Los Angeles real estate broker has spent a lot of time and effort to kick the habit of smoking by using nicotine patches, lozenges and gums and really didn’t give a lot of hope in regards to electronic cigarettes when yet another opportunity had presented itself to break away from the traditional smoking habit. Continue reading


Mistic ECigs “Self Regulates” To Prevent Sales to Minors

showcase-misticIn a very recent report, Mistic E-cigs manufactured by Ballantyne Brands is working hard to provide electronic cigarettes to a very general market.  CEO for Ballantyne Brands John J. Wiesehan Jr. states in a report in the NY Times opinion column stating that his company is doing everything that they can to make sure that they market their Mystic brand ecig to only consumers that currently smoke tobacco products. Continue reading

Food and Drug Administration now rejecting tobacco products

fdaThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reported earlier this week that they would begin using their power (under the 2009 law) to regulate cigarettes and other tobacco products.

While the law wouldn’t allow them to comment on the rejected products, they did mention that they have authorized the sale of two new products, both in which are made by the Lorillard Tobacco Company (the manufacturers of Newport cigarettes).

For years cigarettes have been made without any federal regulations until this law went into action. Before, states where allowed to make the decisions on how and where tobacco products were sold, but they didn’t have authority concerning the ingredients in which they contained. Continue reading

European Regulations May Determine Future of Electronic Cigarettes

The latest news on ecigs in the U.K. according to Bloomberg  on Thursday determines that the U.K. government has decided to treat electronic cigarettes as medicine.  While France plans to ban them from the public venues due to the health concerns raised over the nicotine delivery devices.

The U.K. health regulators are concerned with the faulty devices that have been known to explode during use causing in some cases 2nd degree burns.  They are also taking a closer look at Continue reading